Find. Understand. Connect.

Understanding the unique makeup of our regional communities is vital for businesses, NGOs and governments.
At CMS we pride ourselves on being able to drill down beyond the raw figures to help you achieve a deep understanding of what’s actually going on.
Whether you’re looking to expand into new and exciting markets or simply build a case study, CMS is here to help with a proven track record of success.

We’re redesigning regional research


With our fully customised CRM we can provide a fully personalised platform that will allow you to manage your lists and communications.


Want to know what you constituents think? Our engagement experts work to make sure you get meaningful feedback from customers.


Our customer experience specialists work with you to make sure that your customers continue to enjoy their experience.

So… why CMS?

There are a lot of options out there for organisations looking to communicate with their clients, or even generate new sales leads. Let one of our customer experience specialists help you build brand loyalty and let you customers become your most valuable advert.

The biggest complaint most customers have with businesses is that they don’t listen.
CMS provides a range of survey and engagement tools that allow you to show you care.

Stand out from the crowd

By utilising our business technology to connect with real people you and your organisation won’t just stand out from the crowd – you’ll succeed like you never have before.